Shutter Styles


Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters are our most popular style to choose from.


They suit every window and room there is out there. You can have a mid rail to seperate the top and bottom half, so you can control the light and privacy coming in on either part of the shutter panel.


Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters are great. They have the function of the Full Height and Cafe Shutters in one.


This style has a separate top and bottom half, so in the day you can open the top half, bi-folding back neatly to your recess to let light in whilst having the privacy on the bottom half like our Cafe Shutter Style.


Cafe Shutters

Cafe Shutters only cover half of the window, leaving you with lots of natural light flooding in from above the shutters and the privacy of the shutters on the bottom half. These are very well suited for sash windows.


These are great if you want to keep your curtains or blinds as you can have these stylish Cafe Shutters on the bottom half.


Solid Shutters

This is the most traditional of shutters and have been used for hundreds of years. These Solid Shutters are mostly suited for period properties and cottages.


This style of shutter doesnt have louves like the rest of our shutter styles so to let light in these need to be fully opened or bi-folded back.


You can also have these half solid/half louvered. Ideal for wardrobes.

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